At Sheet Metal Squad, we understand the pivotal role precision and efficiency play when it comes to providing metal sheet components for contractors in Houston. We chose CIDAN FS folding machines to help us fulfill our promise to our valued clients.

Keep reading to learn how CIDAN FS folding machines help us achieve perfection.

Raw Strength and Flexibility

With powerful motors ensuring precise folds to exact measurements, CIDAN FS folding machines go beyond mere bending. They are true workhorses, delivering outstanding results in both strength and flexibility.

Crowning Adjustment for Perfect Results

The crowning adjustment as standard ensures that every fold is nothing short of perfection. Whether we work on a small or large metal part, CIDAN FS folding machines consistently deliver flawless folding results.

User-Friendly with Multiple Control Systems

CIDAN FS folding machines offer a fast, reliable, and user-friendly experience. They have two control systems—EasyLink and the revolutionary nuLINK. Both systems come loaded with features, making them adaptable to the diverse needs of manufacturing sheet metal components.

But what is nuLink?

nuLink isn't just a control system; it's a promise of efficiency, simplicity, and innovation. Its central database ensures secure storage of production data, while the web platform opens up possibilities for quick integration and service.

Intuitive Sheet Metal Profile Design in 3D

The nuLink software provides a revolutionary multi-touch user interface, allowing for seamless production from the idea to the finished part. The intuitive design makes it as easy as using a tablet. From drawing and refining profiles to 3D modeling, the nuLink software simplifies the entire process. This is what allows us to achieve 100% customization when it comes to creating metal sheet components. With CIDAN FS Folding Machines, we can bid farewell to the standardized parts with confidence.

Bending Optimization and Simulation

Efficiency takes center stage with CIDAN FS folding machines. The smart preparation mode suggests an optimal bending sequence and a guided simulation allows us to visualize and inspect the machine workspace, preventing errors through collision detection. Manufacturing has never been this fast!

Easy Management of Materials and Tools

CIDAN FS folding machines ensure flawless results every time. Automatic material compensations eliminate the need for trial-and-error, providing step-by-step instructions for our operators on how to run the machine and manage tools and materials. The system also includes visualizations of foot pedals for safe and clear operation.

Patented Back Gauge for Unbeatable Precision

The patented back gauge system of CIDAN FS folding machines offers unbeatable precision, strength, and versatility. With a range of additional modules, we can design a customized back gauge system according to your specific needs. The servo-driven system ensures optimal efficiency and precision.

If you are expanding your metal sheet parts inventory and are looking for a steady and reliable supplier of metal sheet components in Houston, Sheet Metal Squad is here to help. With CIDAN FS folding machines, we have the power to deliver quality components on time every time. Contact us today!